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What is Tibialis Posterior Tendon Reconstruction?

Tibialis Posterior Tendon is one of the most important tendons in the Foot and Ankle region. The muscle is present in the back of the calf and the tendon passes behind the bony bump on the inside of the ankle to attach to the bones of midfoot.

The Tibialis Posterior Tendon helps to hold the inside (medial) arch of the foot up and provides support to step off on the toes when walking. The tendon can be inflamed, overstretched or torn and is most common cause of adult-acquired flatfoot deformity.

The disease process progresses through four different stages and treatment for each stage is different. Dr Goudar will discuss both non-surgical and surgical treatment options based on the stage of the disease. In the initial stages (stage 1 and 2) reconstruction surgery (joint preserving) is an option however in later stages (stage 3 and 4) the surgical treatment option commonly involves fusion (arthrodesis) of multiple foot joints.