Revision Hip Replacement

What is a Revision Hip Replacement?

Hip replacement surgery is one of the most successful procedures in modern medicine, however, problems can develop over time.

If problems occur, your South Coast Orthopaedics surgeon may recommend that you have a second operation to remove and replace some or all of the original prothesis. This procedure is called a Revision Hip Replacement.

What happens during a Revision Hip Replacement?

There are different types of hip revision surgery, and your surgeon will talk to you about what will happen in your surgery. In some cases, only parts of the prosthesis need to be replaced. In other cases, the entire prosthesis needs to be removed and the bone around the hip needs to be rebuilt.

In most Revision Hip Replacements, our specialist hip revision surgeon will use special implants to compensate for any areas of bone or soft tissue damage that may be present.

What are the benefits of Revision Hip Replacement?

As with a total hip replacement, the main benefit of Revision Hip Replacement is relief from pain. Many patients find that this surgery also improves their mobility, coordination and strength.

Some patients find that they can eventually return to normal activities. It is important to remember that the success of the procedure also depends on your commitment to completing a rehabilitation program after surgery.

How long will I be in hospital?

Most people who have a Revision Hip Replacement are in hospital for 4 to 5 days. Your surgeon will discuss your individual hospital stay with you at your consultation at our rooms prior to surgery.

What is the recovery time?

After surgery, you will probably use a walker or crutches. You will also need to have regular physiotherapy and rehabilitation appointments. Normal activities such as climbing stairs and getting into a car will be difficult to begin with.

Most patients who undergo Hip Revision Surgery can resume fairly normal activities after 6 weeks. After approximately 6 months, most patients can walk without pain or a limp.

What results should I expect?

Most patients who have Hip Revision Surgery experience great results, including relief from pain, improved stability and better hip functionality. It’s not always possible to completely remove pain and some patients still experience lower level pain and dysfunction after surgery.